No matter how professional a photographer is, your expectation may not always be met. Why?

✅ View the photographer’s portfolio before booking. His/her view can be unique and different from yours and hundreds of other photographers. For example, when I do family or parents with baby shots during a newborn session, I do them only in black-and-white. This is my distinctive feature. For a client who hasn’t looked at my portfolio, this may end up being a big surprise. But, no matter what, I will not give these pictures in color.

✅ If you want an orange background with blue circles on it, the photographer will NOT have it 😂🙈 You will have to choose from what is available because a photographer can’t have everything. Or you can start to discuss the details ahead of time and the photographer will order a special background for you. But you will have to pay for it from your pocket. Of course, you don’t have to worry about that if you’re paying a few thousands for your session. In general, everything is possible if you are paying😉

✅ Do not search photos of other photographers online and then demand something that the person you want to work with cannot give you. You have to choose from what is offered by a certain professional.

This is the minimum that has to be considered when you are booking a photo shoot.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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