My name is Catherine and I am a creative portrait photographer. I am specializing in newborn photography and maternity photography. I love being a photographer. I love kids! I love babies! I love what I do! I’m here to capture all these moments for you, so you could cherish them years later. That was a big dream. And you know what? Dreams come true!!!

Originally I am from a little country called Moldova. I grew up in a circus family. I got a University Diploma as a Teacher in 2011 but I never had a chance to work as a teacher, because I followed my husband and we immigrated to Canada. Now we live in a pretty little town in Ontario called Innisfil.

I have learned photography at Shaw Academy – online school based in Dublin, Ireland. There I got my Diploma in General Photography. Also I had online classes about Newborns’ Safety and Posing ( mostly I was learning from an Australian photographer Kelly Brown, but I did learned from other famous and meaningful photographers as well). I am always improving my skills and learning something new because a photographers’ possibilities are limitless. I love my job and I want to become better day by day 🙂

Also, I am a proud member of the International Newborn Photography Association

About the Studio

I have created a little comfy in-home studio. With complimentary refreshments, baby changing station and other things, you will find here everything that might be needed. The studio is cleaned at the end of each day and I’m asking all of our guests to remove the shoes. I treat babies as they were my own and all the blankets and wraps are washed after each use. The room temperature is between 27 – 30 Celsius degrees. It has to be warm and nice for babies, but it might be hot for parents and siblings.

Here you can seat back and relax and enjoy watching your baby’s newborn photo session.

About Safety

The safety of your baby is my TOP priority! Nothing will be done to put your baby at risk at any time. I will never photograph a baby in a pose in which he/she might be uncomfortable. Some set ups might involve you to give me a hand to keep baby safe. Also as mentioned above I have taken an online class in Newborn Safety and Posing of a famous Australian photographer Kelly Brown. I know exactly how to pose them. I know what’s right for the baby and what’s not. You can read more about safety HERE.

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