I think the most important thing in photography is the experience that the client and the photographer are creating.

Here are some of my top tips on how to become a photographer’s favourite client:

👉 1st of all you need to like the photographer’s style and you need to trust him/her.
👉 The price is of course important. You need to know if you can afford the photo shoot. But more important is to ask questions about the process and the results.
👉 Read everything that was sent to you by your photographer. Usually there are some papers for signing (like contract and model release) and there are some letters with information on how to prepare to your photo session.
👉 Talk to your photographer. Be honest. List all your so-called disadvantages.
👉 Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is very important to ask some things before booking a session and signing the contract. I am proud of the excellent service that I provide and I am always happy to answer all of your questions.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography
HMUA: @stasymakeup

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