Even if you would run from it, the end of Summer arrives all the same. And now it’s here. It’s finally August. I am all fully booked with work for next couple of weeks (which is good 😊😉) so I will not have time for a last minute vacation. But I thought I could share with you guys some ideas. If you want to change your scenery one last time before fall starts, there are a few ways to do that

👉 TAKE A ROAD TRIP 🛣🚙Road trips are always so fun and exciting. You can ask your friends and family if they want to join you. Choose a place that is not too far away (a few hours drive is good enough), see the sights of another town, eat in random restaurants. Make sure you plan in wise and don’t forget to book a place to stay.

👉 GO CAMPING 🏕Camping is a great way to end your Summer holidays. Again, invite your friends and family to go with you. Or you can even camp in your backyard 🙈🙂😉

👉 TAKE A DAY TRIP 🚘Find some friends to join you for a day trip. Leave in the morning and come back in the evening (or even next morning). Take a trip to the mountains, to a fall or a lake. Or to small nearby town.

Create your own adventures. And don’t forget to capture all the memories on your camera.

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