Have you ever wondered how much work a photographer puts into his/her creations?

Is it magic? In a word….. YES 😊 Because I consider that photography art is magic. But, how is it magic? I have so many photographers that I adore because of what they do and how they create their pieces of art. I know for sure that there’s a lot of work. I learn a lot all the time. I am always improving my skills. I am constantly investing a lot in my education and working on new projects. And it’s not all about the money. It also takes a lot of time and effort. To me, the process of editing my images is like a painter working on a canvas. I create memories that will last for a lifetime. I believe that my photos are a true representation of how I see the World around me, the people, pets, that love and connection between my models.

I spend a lot of time on editing, because that’s the part of my job. And…. you know what? I love my job ❤ Otherwise I wouldn’t do that.

Stay safe and Happy Friday 😊