You just found out you’re expecting your new little bundle of joy ❤ Isn’t that exciting? Yes, that sure is 🙂 I know you will have plenty of things to do, like buying tiny clothes, setting up a room and many other things. But please don’t forget about your newborn photo session. Your little one will be so tiny for such a short period of time and you definetly need to find someone who will capture these special moments for you. Trust my experience, newborn photos are the most important photos you will ever have. But choose your photographer wisely!

The safety of your newborn is #1 priority!!! for you and of course for any good professional photographer. Not only good looking pictures are important, but most importantly you should choose someone who exactly knows how to safely pose your baby, who knows how to handle and care for your baby. Chat with your photographer. Ask about what training he/she had. Ask about cleanliness of the studio and props, safe posing, immunizations, heating, prop safety and anything else that comes to your mind.

As a newborn photography I had different trainings and baby’s safety is my TOP priority!

There are so many different styles of newborn photography. You should just go online and find what you like. I prefer to pose babies. For that kind of session we need a full sleeping baby, so I could easily mold him/her in certain positions and use the props. These kind of sessions are almost never done if the baby is awake.

There is also lifestyle session. Most of the times lifestyle sessions are done at home.

The cost of a newborn session can vary greatly. A photographer that runs a legal business will almost always be more expensive. Please don’t forget that the photographer puts much more into a session that just the time spent with you. There are always new expenses for new trainings, props, outfits and other things that are needed for the session. So always remember, you get what you paid for.