Behind the scenes.

There really is nothing I love more than photograph newborn babies Don’t get me wrong, I love working with mommies-to-be and children of all ages. But there is nothing more sweeter than a newborn baby.

I love to mold them in all the cute poses. It takes time and I have to be slow and gentle. A newborn can’t be forced to do something, so I need to wait for him/her to relax, to deeply fall asleep, and then I can try a pose. If a baby feels uncomfortable in one or another position, I will notice that right away and will change the pose, prop etc. I have to choose best angles to capture the baby. I have to know how to work with lightning, how it falls on the subject, does it leaves heavy shadows, do I need to add a reflector and so on. Mommies that come in my studio often tell me how amazed they are with the techniques and patience it takes to successfully capture these cute little ones.

Newborn photography is art! On average I spend 20 hours on each newborn session. It all starts with communication with a parent. Setting up for the session. The actual session lasts 3-4 hours. Sometimes we need to schedule 1-2 additional hours of photoshooting. The editing process is a part of all it and it takes time as well. I am working between 40 to 60 minutes with each photograph on my computer. The editing should be natural, but still artful. Then uploading the gallery, blogging and posting on social media. Ordering prints or other pieces of art. And a final meeting to hand the orders to parents.

Having a photo session (whatever is a maternity, newborn or milestone session) is not a small expense, but it’s a giant investment in your family. Babies grow up so fast. They will never be so tiny again. So it absolutely worth to capture all these special memories, so you could cherish them years later.