Tips on How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photo Session

Here are some helping tips on how to prepare for your newborn photo shoot. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

On the day of your session it is important to help baby have some awake time prior to arriving at your photo shoot. One way to help them have some ‘awake’ time is by giving baby a bath approximately 2 hours before your session. This will help him/her wake and then be nice and drowsy when you arrive. We would also like baby to need a feed or certainly a top-up just before the photo session. So if at all possible, do not feed baby before leaving but rather wait until you get to the studio. Full, tired babies lead to beautiful sleepy photographs! We understand that babies are all different and if you do need to feed baby before arriving we will work around it. Baby always comes first! Please bring with you a pacifier/dummy if you’re using one.

Sessions do vary depending on how your baby settles but it is not unusual for a session to last 3-4 hours. The art of newborn photography is to get baby into a deep sleep so I can mold them into the different poses easily. I would rather spend 2 hours getting baby to that deep sleep state than rush the session and get lesser images. For the comfort of baby, our studio’s temperature is at a comfortable 27-30C degrees, which helps baby stay nice and warm while we have them undressed for the session. This may be too hot for you so we suggest wearing layers! I have outfits, headbands, hats etc in the studio that we will use during photo session. I will supply and have readily available a multitude of props and blankets for the session. All of my props and blankets are washable and “baby proof,” so please do not worry one bit if baby has an accident during your session. I also have hats, wraps, and other fun props to use during your session. If you have any significant family heirlooms or items that you would like to use during your session, please send me some photos and I will tell you if I’ll be able to use them in the photo session. However, please note that I cannot guarantee the use of those items as it generally depends on the cooperation of baby and safety of the item.

Please Note: Baby’s safety is #1 throughout the entire session. If I am using a prop that needs additional spotting, I will ask you to assist as I capture those images.

If you want to take a picture with your baby please bring with you a few outfits. I advise a few colors  for the outfits – beige, white or light grey. It might be even black. You don’t want to look at your pictures a few years later and think: “Oh myyyy, why I had this orange t shirt on me?” ))))  An accident might happen during the photo shoot and the baby can wet you. Please note that socks, tights must be new and matching colors with the outfit (of course if you plan to wear them). If you want sibling shots please bring them at the beginning (or at the end) of the session with an adult that can take them home afterwards, the photo session is too long for them to be patient. Please let me know how old the siblings are, boys or girls.

Please note that the studio is too small and I’m not always available to feet all the family on the background for a group photo. But I will do my best and try.

Please make sure to notify me if the baby has any health problems. I need to know all the details because I may not be able to put the baby in some positions that might affect the baby’s health.  That is a very important information, because the safety of the baby is #1 priority!

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