The Safety of your Newborn is My Priority

My job consists not only of making beautiful artistic photographs, but also to make sure that everything that I do is safe for the baby. My job is to provide a stress-free and relaxed experience for the whole family. It might seem very strange, but newborn photography industry is unregulated. I take safety seriously, so I had to take some special classes about safety and posing of a newborn. I am creating beautiful images, but I can ensure that they are done safely. I will never leave a baby unsupported, I will never put babies in glass jars or really hang them in a hammock. Here are a few photos which show that every image I create is safe. I am always asking the mom to help me. I explain in details what we will do. In this pose baby needs to be supported. A baby’s head weight 25% from the body, so it’s very heavy and the neck needs to be supported all the time. In this images you can see how the baby’s mom is helping me. She’s holding the baby firmly and the baby is completely secured. There are so many photographers who do this (or any other) pose without support and help. This might harm the baby. Please, keep your babies safe and choose your newborn photographer wisely.