Keep Your Babies Safe!

What are your thoughts when you’re booking a newborn photo session? You think about what photographer to choose, that’s the first step of course. After that you’re looking at photographer’s works and the price list. Are you looking for someone cheaper? Please, don’t make a mistake and think about the money. That should be the last thing you should pay attention to! You should remember once and for all that a good professional photographer can’t be cheap. First and foremost you need to think about your baby’s safety. That’s the number one priority for you as a parent and for any photographer as a professional in his field. Do you know that there are some posing in newborn photography that might hurt your baby? Do you know that there are some props that might be unsafe? For example glass props that can be cracked in the middle of the photo shoot right when your baby is inside. A Christmas light lying on your baby can cause an electric shock. I know that some so called photographers don’t even think about babies. They will put them in danger again and again to take a good shot, but that’s wrong! I’m telling you – that’s really wrong!!! They put a baby in a net/sling without thinking that a baby should NEVER – Do you hear me???? – NEVER be hung because it’s very DANGEROUS!!!

I had my online class in Newborns’ Safety and Posing and I was taught that the babies’ safety is number one priority. A baby should never be unattended. Although I don’t put babies in dangerous positions I prefer a parent to be nearby. This way I feel more comfortable. Most of all I wanted to work with newborns, that’s why I opened my studio. That’s why I choose to learn from professionals. I want all the little babies to be safe!

Of course a baby should not be handled like an egg. Just imagine what they go through to be born and how they spend their first 9 months of life. They can be easily moved, curled up and posed. All these bendy things can be done with babies and they will feel absolutely comfortable. Because that is what they are doing in the mommy’s tummy 🙂 But we should be gentle and careful anyway. The most important things to be protected are the neck and the head because they have no neck control and it needs to be supported all the time. I definitely hold a baby’s head from behind all the time. Babies are very sensitive to germs so hands must be washed before taking a baby. I also use a shand sanitizer during the photo session. I use it often because I’m touching the camera and the props and other things. Oh, and the outfits and blankets should be washed after each baby. I use a hypoallergenic ECO laundry detergent to not cause any allergy. A photographer should be vaccinated! This is very important!!! It should be warm in the studio, especially if the baby is naked! Or he/she may catch a cold. And believe me that’s not all. These are the reasons you should choose a professional photographer although it might be over your budget. But only in good knowing hands your baby will be safe!!! So, Dear Mommies, please choose carefully a photographer for your newborn photo session! Good luck in finding one! 🙂

A newborn photo shoot may take up to 4 hours. After each one I am soooo tired like I have unloaded a wagon of stones. But in the end it worth it! I love my job! I love babies and I sincerely want them to be safe!