Lately, I have been asked so many times what is my opinion about everything that is happening right now in the country, about the freedom convoy and the political situation, and my point of view.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t like to talk about politics because it brings so often to disagreement with other people. I will only say that I support The Choice of Freedom. And I am very thankful to all the truckers for what they do for each and one of us.

I was also asked if my attitude towards my clients will change and what do I think about the safety protocols in my studio.

In short, I treat everyone equally and safety has always been my 1st priority.

Next week I will have some extra time to record some videos and will explain how it all works for me and my clients. Since I opened my studio, nothing has changed and nothing will change. Safety always comes 1st!

©️ @diamondstudiophotography
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