❓How do I need to prepare for the session?
✅ Ask your photographer to help you prepare for the session. I am discussing all the details with my clients, starting with a newborn questioner. And then sending them a letter with tips on how to prepare for their newborn session. If something is uncertain to you, please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

❓When should I book if I don’t know when exactly the baby arrives?
✅Usually the date is booked according to photographer’s availability. But don’t leave it to the last minute. It is always better to book with a few months before your due date. If you are booking before baby has arrived, I will ask for your due date and mark it in my calendar. That way I will always find a spot for you.

❓ What if I can’t decide what my main priority shots are?
✅ Unless you have booked a baby only newborn session, I will aim to get a variety of images – baby alone, baby with siblings, baby with mom, baby with dad, maybe even whole family. However, it is great to decide what is your main priority. Because if you’ll leave it to me, I think the baby only are the most important photos.

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