There are many ways that photographers can deliver digital  images to their clients. I prefer photo gallery hosting. Here’s why ⬇️⬇️⬇️

➡️ You don’t need to travel to the studio again to see your final images. You are able to open your online gallery with just one click and view all the beautiful pictures in seconds.

➡️You will need to make just a few actions to download your digital files. Everything is pretty simple and I am sending an explanational letter on how to do that.

➡️ Online galleries provide additional options. With just a few clicks of your mouse (or you can even do that on your phone), you can order additional prints, canvas and other art displays that I am offering.

➡️ Online gallery delivery is less prone to technology failure. Several years ago many photographers were using Cd’s, DVD’s or Flash drives to deliver digital images. Cd’s can scratch or get lost, Flash drives and memory cards can also become unstable. Corrupted files will leave you with unusable images. But if you are downloading your files from the online gallery, you can view and store your images on your phone, tablet, computer on the cloud. And you can even store them in several different places.

I hope that my explanation gives you an idea on how easy and useful it is to download your files from an online gallery.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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