I am always talking about positive things and positive experience of me and my clients. But life is life and sometimes we can get negative emotions as well. Just like me today in the morning ((((

Recently I had a client for the newborn session. We had to rush with the booking process because the baby was already here and we were announced that we are getting into another lockdown. Everything went as supposed to be.

After a month I have sent her the online gallery with explanation how to download the pictures. She chose a package with 12 digital images in it. Today she emailed, questioning if I  provide all the raw file. Of course my answer was no.

It turned out that my client didn’t figured out how many pictures she has in her package. Although, I have sent her all the information via messenger and I have all the information included on my website.

Of course this situation was just a misunderstanding and it was a little bit unpleasant.

My dear clients, please make sure that you are reading all the information that is sent to you, that you are reading all the contracts before signing them and booking your photo session, that you are asking all the questions before coming.

That would definitely help to avoid all the displeasing situations that might occure after the photo shoot. I am spending a lot of time on emails and texting for a reason.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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