What do you think about affirmations?

When I was a teenager I had issues with confidence. And I have read in one of the books that if you will stand in front of the mirror each morning and you will say to yourself how confident and beautiful you are, that will actually help you to become more confident. I would say that this really helped me to build some confidence. But is it a long term result?

I think we need to dig deeper. You will become truly confident only if you will work with your self-esteem and will overcome your fears. Think about what is the reason of absence of your self-confidence. And when you will figure out what’s the problem, and you will clear your mind of all negative thoughts, then you may give yourself affirmations and they will help you.

How do you think, can a photo shoot help someone raise their self-esteem and overcome their fears?

©️ @diamondstudiophotography
HMUA: @stasymakeup

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