I often have couples that come for a newborn session in my studio and when I ask them if they want to be in the photos usually men say no. When I was just starting that was a surprise for me. Are you serious? You just became a dad for the 1st time in your life. You’re holding a tiny baby in your big, strong hands. In just a couple of weeks your baby will change and will grow, and will not be so tiny and fragile anymore. After some time I understood that I need to stop asking. While I’m holding the baby and trying to get him/her in that deep state of sleep, I am asking the parents to sit down and I start to talk with them. I am explaining what are we going to do and how I’m gonna pose the parents holding the baby. I even have a small doll in my studio and I use it to show to the parents how to hold the baby. This works like magic. I am trying to do it as quick as I can, because we need to be quiet and gentle to not wake up the baby. I have a few more secrets that I use to make a dad to be in the pictures. And they are so happy and surprised when they see the results.

I know that’s a common issue 😂 My husband doesn’t like to be photographed as well 🙈

Tell me ladies, is your partner one of those guys who doesn’t like to be in the pictures? If so, how do you make him being photographed? ))))

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