All this situation with covid and lockdown makes me really, really sad. I had to close my studio again. I have to say no to my new and my already existing clients. The saddest part here is that some mommies-to-be will miss their pregnancy photo sessions and some mommies will miss their newborn photoshoot. These are the things that can not be repeated with the same baby again. Sad, isn’t it? But for me, as for a professional, there are positive things in the lockdown as well. Now I have enough time to do things that I need to do, but I usually don’t have time for that. I can spend more time learning new things. I can work on creating new projects. I can create and order new props. And I will be fully prepared to open my studio at the time when the lockdown will be over. I will be full of strength, energy and new ideas. And I will be happy to see new clients in my studio.
For now the booking is closed, but I really hope I will be able to open it soon.

Stay safe!

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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