Now, that’s a thing that should be discussed. Most people don’t like their photograph taken. I don’t. And I have so many clients that come to my studio and say – “Oh, I don’t like being photographed. I’m a disaster. Usually I don’t like myself in the portraits.” As a result I get a scared, shy and tense model. Of course I will work with my model until she feels completely relaxed and comfortable. Most of the times I am able to get rid of that fear in their eyes. But in some cases I don’t….. Unfortunately….. And that tense, scary look of the model cannot be edited in Photoshop.

You have to remember that your photographer doesn’t see in your portraits what you see in them. For example, you might see that your nose is too large in the pictures. But it’s not. You’re nose it’s completely proportional and I see it like that. When I see a portrait of myself, I consider that I’m very large, but others say that I’m not. And, because we see things differently, the model has to discuss all the small details that are bothering her with the photographer. And that needs to be done before the photo session. The photographer must know what angles to use. The photographer must know what to do in the post production. And he/she must know that before he/she starts to edit the photos. You don’t even have the idea how many hours it takes to edit all the photos from your gallery. Please respect your photographer and the time he/she spends to work with your photos and with you in the studio, during your photo session.

As well, don’t be afraid to tell your photographer about all your fears, big and small. Don’t be afraid to trust your photographer. And when you are choosing one, try to see if you like the works in his/her portfolio. If you do, that means that, most probably, you will like your portraits as well.

Good luck in finding that perfect photographer!!!

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