I know that rainy weather is just around the corner, but I’m enjoying the last warm days and editing my last Summer outdoor sessions. I will definitely miss that 😢😢😢

I have never done fruit bath sessions before (I have done milk bath session and it seems to be almost the same thing, but it’s not 😊). I am so happy I tried them out ❤ It is so fun for the baby. And I’m in love with all the emotions they experience during the photo shoot. Especially when they try the fruits for the 1st time 😍

Did you know that fruit baths are also good for your health? Not only for children, for adults as well. Fruit bath relieves stress, nourishes the skin, boosts immunity and improves blood circulation. And it’s also adorable!!! Don’t you agree?

Please don’t forget about your baby’s safety!!!! I do recommend to do the fruit bath sessions when babies can sit on their own. This is not a case for a newborn!!! As well I need to make sure if the baby has any allergies, so I need to ask the parent about that. I know that sometimes, after the session, the skin might get a little red in some locations, just because a baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s. This is not dangerous. But if redness appears, use natural aloe gel.

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