Now many hospitals offer newborn photography in your hospital room. But I suggest to skip this. Probably now you wonder why would I say that? I will explain. Yes, it is very important to capture those 1st days as a new family and your little ones tiny features. But anyways I encourage you to skip the hospital photographer and to work with a more experienced one, professional newborn photographer instead.

➡️The first reason I suggest you to do that is your stress level. Imagine, you just delivered your baby. Usually hospital newborn sessions are quick and you never know if some images will turn out. The hospital photographer will want you to have outfits ready for the baby and even for you. You will need to accommodate one more person in your tiny recovery room and he/she will ask you questions and will move your baby around. Instead, if you come to my studio in Innisfil, you will be able to relax and to enjoy your baby’s newborn photo session. I have created a nice and comfy in-home studio where your baby is safe and warm. Here I will create everlasting memories for you and your family.

➡️The 2nd reason to work with a newborn photographer instead of the hospital one is because a studio photographer has a variety of props, wraps, headbands, little outfits and backdrops. The hospital photographers don’t bring anything and they use whatever you have in the room, which is usually the bassinet.

➡️And the last reason is that the hospital photographers usually have a package of a few digital images. I offer 3 packages to choose from. I also offer a wide variety of Wall Art Displays and Prints for an additional cost.

Choosing a newborn photographer with experience is one of the best ways to ensure your baby’s 1st days will be captured perfectly from the start. Remember, the best time to book your newborn session is while you are expecting. Ready to chat? PM me 😊