A few tips on how to keep your photos safe!

My clients often ask me what is the best way to keep their photos safe. And I decided to give you a few tips on this.  

I found that most of the people don’t do any digital copies, don’t print high quality canvas, metal prints, prints or any other art displays of the most dear to them memories. I often get such message as listed below and I would like to make sure that you will not make the same mistakes, as some of my clients did.  

-“My USB is broken. Do you have by chance any copies from our photo session?”

-“I printed the photos at Walmart. Why they all are red (or green)?”

-“I order my canvas at …………. and it looks terrible. What should I do?”  

Any equipment tends to worn out with time. Same can happen with your laptop/computer, USB or any other storage you use. If you want to keep your digital files save, you need to make a few copies. Or you can store them online and use such options as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Also you can print your photos on high quality paper with high quality ink. That won’t be cheap, but they will last for years. And we’ll talk about that a little later. I do save and archive the photos I take in the studio, but my storage is not unlimited, so sometimes I might not be able to help my clients. And that makes me really sad………..

You decided to print your photos for a cheaper price? Hhhhhmmmmm…… Sorry, but that’s not the best choice. If you’re paying for a professional photographer, be ready to pay for high quality prints. I work with a few printing companies that are not opened to the public. Big (or small) companies that work only with professional photographers. I know for sure that my screen is calibrated and when I order from the printing companies I work with, I will not get a green or red photo. That really depends from the printer, paper and ink they use. That will definitely not be cheap. Same with canvas. Cheap material and ink will turn to change the color or might even stretch in a few months. Nobody wants that.   So, what conclusions can we make from the mentioned above? If you’re choosing professional photography, use professional services from the very beginning till the end. And make a few copies of your digital files. Don’t lose your memories. Keep them safe to be able to cherish them years later.