HELLO 36 🥰❤🧁🥂

Hello 36

When I was 20 I was thinking that when you reach 30 you are already old. And now I understand that nothing changes. You gain experience, you become smarter and wiser (not always of course, 😄 but in my case – yes), you grow spiritually. Your values are changing. But I am still as naive, kind, and trusting, as in my twenties. Childish, sincere, don’t know how to lie and I trust people.

It is so easy to hurt me because I’m vulnerable, gentle, and fragile. I want to be protected by others. But, if necessary, I can move mountains.

I don’t want any lies. I respect honesty so much and I can see when someone is lying. If I am silent, it doesn’t mean that I am blind. I am just giving you a chance, over and over again.

Before you meet with me in person, you might think that I am cold and tough. But I just don’t let everyone in into my inner world. But those who know me, know that I’m warm and soft 😄😉

I love life. I love my family and friends. I love my job. I love when it’s peaceful and quiet. And coffee with milk. I love to watch movies. I love to sing while driving (and I sing very bad 😜🙈🤦‍♀️)

Now, most of all I wish that it would be peace in the world! I want people to become better. I want everyone to be healthy, to have food on their tables, and to have a home. I want a world where children are not offended and women are not beaten. A world without discrimination and fascism. A world with no tears and no pain. I want everyone to be HAPPY!!!

Happy Birthday to me 🥰❤🧁🥂

©️ @diamondstudiophotography
MUA/STYLIST: @stasymakeup

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