The photos that a photographer hands over to you are part of their lives work. It has their name or branding on it, so there are a few important restrictions to know when it comes to the professional digital images that you receive.

🔴 COPYRIGHT. The digital images have a copyright which means the photographer has the option to use those photos for marketing and services anytime in the future. However, I respect my clients, so if there are any images that you would prefer to keep private, it’s best to let me know about it ahead of time.

🔴 IMAGE TYPE. I am unable to provide you with the original files or raw files. All images given to the clients have been fully processed. But if you do require further touch ups, I would need to provide you with the quote.

🔴 IMAGE ALTERING. While I appreciate your business and welcome the sharing of my photos on social media platforms, I ask that the images not be altered in any way, as this is against the copyright policies. What that means:
🚫 Don’t add filters and don’t edit photos.
🚫 Don’t remove my logo or studio name.
🚫 Don’t color correct it or don’t transition it from color to black-and-white.
🚫 Don’t crop the images and don’t remove people or objects out of the original shot.

My photos are a representation of my work, so when a customer alters an image, it directly impacts my name and brand in the industry.

I greatly appreciate your loyalty and cooperation in this matter.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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