If you are booking a cake smash for your baby you have to be aware that not every cake will be good for this purpose.

⚠️ 1st of all take into consideration that your baby is trying the cake for the 1st time ever. He/she never ate so much sweet. You would have to discuss the amount of sugar added in the cake with your pastry cook.

⚠️ I have filmed so many cake smashes, so, from my personal experience, don’t order a cake with fondant. Cream is the best option here.

⚠️ Ask to not decorate your cake with tiny beads. That is a choking hazard❗❗❗

⚠️ Order a good saturated sponge cake with thin interlayers of cream inside.

⚠️ The cake has to be small in size, so we could put it on a stand. But it has to be high enough, so your baby would feel comfortable during the session.

If you are booking a cake smash with me, I can advise a very good pastry cook. Just ask me 😉

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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