These sessions are my favorite ones. They are perfect to celebrate your baby’s next milestone and they look amazing!!!

What you need to know about the process of shooting a fruit bath baby session with a professional photographer (please don’t forget that each photographer has his/her own way, so I am talking about myself here 😉):

➡️ SAFETY – Don’t forget that safety always comes 1st. That is why these sessions are created only for babies that are 6 months old and up. The baby needs to be able to sit completely stable on her/his own.

➡️ MOM IS THE BEST ASSISTANT – Mom has to be always nearby to secure the baby from falling into the bath and to help me attract the baby’s attention.

➡️ SUPPLIES – I provide everything for the session. The bucket, fruits and/or flowers, warm water and/or milk. Also some headbands and little bonnets are provided. I don’t mind if the mom goes shopping and buys something beautiful and nice for her baby.

➡️ DURING THE SHOOT – The baby will want to try the fruits and will start grabbing them, but that is totally OK. That is where I will get some adorable shots.

The entire photo session lasts about 45 minutes to keep the water warm, but if we decide that we need a little more time (it also depends on your chosen package) I will have a thermos with warm water with me and we can add some if needed.

Don’t forget to book your session while the weather permits to shoot outside 😉

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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