If you plan to photograph only the new baby, I will provide all the outfits, wraps, headbands, cute little bonnets and other things that might be needed during the photo session.

But if you are planning to do some family photos with the new addition to your family, I would like to give you a few advices of what NOT to wear to your newborn session.

🚫 Forget about the shoes. Sounds strange, I know, but if you would go through my photo gallery youu will see that you will need no shoes during the photoshoot. I am always asking to take the socks off as well.

🚫 Avoid clothing that doesn’t fit well. Don’t wear anything too tight or too baggy. Or, for example, don’t wear a dress that doesn’t cover your bra correctly. It will make you feel uncomfortable and it will definitely reflect on your mood. That will be visible in your pictures.

🚫 Don’t wear patterns. The main subject in your pictures is your baby and you, but the patterns will take the focus out of the baby.

🚫 Don’t get too formal. Obviously you want to look nice for your portraits, but you also need to look relaxed.

🚫 Don’t wear clothes with logos, characters and words. This one is super important, because even a tiny logo in the top corner of your T-shirt is going to draw the eye there rather than the subject of the picture.

🚫 Make sure that you are not wearing any scrunches and hair ties on wrist.

🚫 Also make sure to not wear any watches or jewellery of big size, because they will really stand out in your photos.

🚫 If there are any siblings included in the session make sure that their faces are clean of food.

🚫 Empty your pockets. Make sure that your phones or keys are not there.

Hopefully that will help you figure out what you should wear to your session.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography

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