❓ Why do you shoot in RAW?
βœ… There is a simple answer on that question. Raw files are uncompressed and unprocessed shots of all of the details available to the camera sensor. Raw files are completely unedited and need to be post processed. Row files keep you in complete control of your images. They look greyish and faded. This is the part where I come in action and I am processing the files from start to finish.

❓ Why are you not taking full length portraits?
βœ… Because it goes away from the faces of my models and their expressions. I love close ups and this is the style I am shooting.

❓ Why are you not shooting outside?
βœ… Usually, because there’s not enough soft light. I can definitely do a portrait photo session outside, but it has to be cloudy. And no worries that there are no Sun rays, because I can add them later in post processing.

❓ How do you improve your skills as a photographer?
βœ… I love a lot what I am doing, so I am trying to learn as much as I can and I keep pushing to grow my skills. I am learning a lot from different famous photographers all around the world. I am working a lot on my technical skills, posing my clients, communication, marketing and other things that a photographer must know.

©️ @diamondstudiophotography
HMUA: @stasymakeup

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