✅ I am cleaning the studio the night before the shoot, rarely in the morning. Now (with the appearance of Covid-19 in our lives), I have to be more careful and use certain brands for cleaning and sanitizing (approved by Health Canada)
✅ According to the details provided to me by the new mom, I am setting up a few setups for the photo shoot, selecting outfits, baskets, fur, backdrops and so on of certain colours.
✅ I am checking if everything what I need during the photo shoot is nearby (new pacifiers, bottle warmer, wipes, wet wipes, towels, little supporting pillows etc)
✅ I am preparing my gear and checking the camera. I need to make sure that the battery is full, that there’s enough space on my SD card. I need to make sure that my on camera Flash batteries are fully charged as well.
✅ Most of the times I am trying to contact the parents and to remind them that they have a photo session booked with me on the next day.
✅ In the morning I am turning the additional hitter on in the studio, to make sure that the room temperature is good enough to undress a newborn baby.
✅ I am turning on lullabies. I have found so many good songs for newborn babies and downloaded them, to make sure that some white noise or heartbeat sound will help the baby feel more comfortable.
✅ Preparing the changing table. I am using disposable pads for that and I am using some soft blankets under it, just to make sure the baby feels comfortable when we are getting to change him/her.
✅ Setting up the 1st set up. Usually I start with a basket and a backdrop. But it also depends if there are gonna be siblings included or not.
✅ I am turning on the lights and the camera and checking if everything is working properly. I am doing a few shots with a doll instead of the baby and adjusting the camera settings. Of course I would need to adjust the settings with the baby as well.
✅ And now I am ready to meet my clients and start working.

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