I am specialising in newborn photography for 4 years. I have learned about newborns safety from different meaningful newborn photographers. I have read a lot of medical advices about newborn photography.And of course knowledge must be backed up with experience.

When parents see online beautiful creative baby photos, they have no idea how it was done in the studio. Most of the difficult poses are composites in which a photographer combines 2 or 3 images in one. In most of the photos there’s an assistant who helps. If it’s not an assistant, then the photographer asks the parents to help to support the baby.

When you don’t know what are you doing and you are copying creative baby photos you see online, you could risk your baby’s health. It is only a matter of time before a baby is seriously injured in a photo shoot done by people who have no idea what to do.

Newborn photography is 1% clicking the camera and the rest is setting it all up. And, to do it properly, you have to have that knowledge.

So, my dear parents, please, if you want to do a do-it-yourself photo shoot with your new baby, just take a beautiful photo of your baby lying in the bassinet or laying on a beautiful carpet on the floor. You don’t have to attempt all the poses you see online, because you are not capable to do them properly.

And please remember that baby’s safety has to be your top priority!!!!!

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