➡️ I am not leaving you one-on-one with your fears.
➡️ Trying to find that perfect angle, so you look fabulous in your pictures.
➡️ I am listening to my clients when they talk to me, just to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want.
➡️ I am trying to identify the reason why are you afraid / don’t like to be photographed.
➡️ I am providing alot of information about the process of the shoot and what you need to do ahead of time.
➡️ I am professionally posing you using easy techniques and poses.
➡️ I can answer any specific question about things that make you nervous.
➡️ I have a studio based in my home and it’s so small and nice, that it makes the environment save and comforting for each of my clients.
➡️ I will not let you see any uneditted photos. Because, no matter how hard you try, not every photograph from your shoot is going to be flattering. That concerns even professional models.

Still afraid of being photographer? Book a photo shoot with me and I will prove that me and my team can make your fears disappear 😊👍

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