⚠️ If you plan to wear something new or something that hasn’t been worn for a long time, test your outfit. Make sure you can stand, sit, kneel and walk in it.
⚠️ Also, make sure that nothing like bra straps pops out.
⚠️ Don’t forget to clean and iron your outfits.
⚠️ Keep your clothes on hangers. That will help to minimise the wrinkles and will help you sort through the pieces when you will look for the next outfit during your session.
⚠️ Don’t wear session close while travelling.

Do you have more questions about how to prepare for your portrait session with me? Don’t hesitate to ask me. I am always here to give you a professional advice. Plus we have a professional stylist in our team. @stasymakeup Anastasia knows much more than I do 😉❤

©️ @diamondstudiophotography
HMUA: @stasymakeup

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